South Jersey Racing Reunion Photos
October 20th, 2013

Paul Weaver #6A

Howard Stern's #2X

2 open cockpit racers

A couple of decades of technology has gone into making the inside of these much safer.


Through the window of the Griner #0

Check out the # on this one....  Just completed, the Weber #3W.  The owner plans on having the car hand lettered just like the original #3W raced back in the 80's at Bridgeport.

Fleming's Auto Parts - Home of the Pumpkin Run - Coming up in just a few weeks (Saturday November 2nd, 2013).

Folks remember the great days of tracks like Vineland, Alcyon, and Atco through photos, movies and stories.

Plenty to look at....

Displays featuring photos and stories of Budd Olsen, Leon Manchester, and more.

Bill Bounder had the field set.

Fans of The Vault will remember the story of "Russ August"...  Here's the link:

Time to head out...  There goes the Cagle #24 and the Griner #0...

... and there here goes Ralph Richards with the McLaughlin #026 in tow.  See you next year!

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