First Annual "Scrap Bowl"

Snydersville, PA

...they came from many, many miles away...  for a chance at glory...
(Some of the entry's in the first "Scrap Bowl" included:  Jeff Geiges, Erika Palmai, Stef Palmai, Nandi Palmai Jr, Jesse Macfarlan, Tony P (far rigth), Tim Tanner, Scott Knittle, Tommy Carberry, Harris Kohen, John Haegele.  Not pictured:  Nandi Palmai, Goop Mondelli, Gabe Fox, Eddie Wagner, Bud Flath, John McCaughey and me.  New Egypt Track Announcer Nicky Leach, Nancy Leach and Zack were there too.)

...and on the line, a chance to take home this one of a kind trophy created by Berkeley Heights "Artist" John "Goop" Mondelli, who works exclusively with precious "scrap" metals...  (Actually, all were really just looking to have a little off season fun, but Goop made up this really cool trophy and offered it up to the main event winner...)

Former NES Crate racer, soon to be TSRS Sprint Series Racer Gabe Fox surprised all by showing up with a real hat instead of his trademark "visor".

Crate racer John "8 Wheels" Haegele tried to intimidate us all with his snazzy racing gloves... (It only worked during the pace laps John.)

Former Sportsman racer, Jeff Geiges has turned into one heck of an open wheel pilot, winning the 2010 TSRS Championship in the Tony P #175.

Like me, Bud Flath seemed to keep getting into cars that must have been last raced by Leprechauns based on the way the belts were adjusted!

Looking to win over a few drafting partners, Modified driver Tim Tanner brought some Tanner Dairy Stores Chocolate Milk for all to enjoy...  It's the ABSOLUTE BEST!

After a rough 2010, Harris Cohen was back in racing form and yes, did bring the blue #59 back in with all 4 wheels still attached...  Good to see Harris back!

NES Modified driver Tommy Carberry had on his race face.... and had his eye's on Goop's trophy from the start....


2011 TSRS Sprint Series Rookie of the Year Stef Palmai gets ready to lead the next qualifying heat out onto the track.  She's the real deal no matter what she gets behind the wheel of... Super smooth.

...While many were whipping the cars through the corners, the key seemed to be to float the car into the corners and apply the power gradually off...

Like I said... super smooth and even has that "Gary Balough head lean" too...

Pole sitter Nandi Palmai Jr. jumps out to an early lead in one of the heat races...  Pretty cool to see Nandi out there racing his pops!

More heat race action with Tommy Carberry #6, Jesse Macfarlan #3 and Bud Flath #50

Goop's protest for all cars to meet a minimum weight went unanswered!

Heading into turn 3, Gabe Fox in the #V8 puts a slide job on Goop in the #90.3

...When not racing, the rest of the crew kept an eye on the action from behind the wall... waiting for their turn behind the wheel.

Former Sportsman racer, now TSRS Sprint Series car owner Tony Pietrofitta rolls out for his heat race

After a red flag for a stopped car, the green comes back out and Tony P #59, URC Driver Eddie Wagner #12 and Former Modified Racer Nandi Palmai in the "Black & Blue Special" head into turn 1....

...a victim of 8 wheels... make that "12 wheels turn better than 4", Tony gets a different view entering the corner the next time by....

After a little retaliation... Tony refused our request for an interview and headed straight for the big red trailer!

John "Fast Hands" Haegele even smiles when he races...  Here, Jeff Geiges tries to make a power move from the outside...

Jesse "1 1/2 Wide" has on his game face entering turn 3.

Tim Tanner was one of the few that worked the outside and was able to make some power moves coming out of the corners...

Tommy Carberry was the other who would go upstairs when needed., and was fast all night in every car he drove...  And when it was all said and done....

It was Tommy Carberry who took the feature win and with it became the first "Scrap Bowl" winner and got to take home "Goop's Precious Metals" trophy... provided by "Goop"" and co-event organizer Gabe Fox.

...and you know what they say about finishing second....  Oh well, maybe next time...

Thank you to the staff at S&S Speedways for hosting the first "Scrap Bowl."  For those interested in taking some laps at S&S, here's their menu.  For the "first timers", we recommend the "Rookie Special" which gets you a license and 5 races.  That way, the next time you come back, you won't need to buy another license, and then you get one of the 4 or 8 race special packages depending on how much time you have.

...time to go home.  Thanks Goop and Gabe Fox for putting the event together.  Everyone had a great time and we're all looking forward to the next one!

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