Dave Spurlin's #42

In the early 80's, Dave Spurlin drove the #42 Coupe in the Sportsman division at Flemington as seen in the Ace Lane Jr photo below...
b09.08.05_042_SPU_FLM_0081_1.jpg (71803 bytes)
And like many, Dave sold off his car as life's priorities suggested...

After years of wishing he had never sold his favorite coupe, and knowing that the car eventually was scrapped after being pretty much destroyed by the next owner..... Dave got an idea....
Spurlin_04.04.05_042.jpg (62431 bytes)
Why not recreate it - Bend for bend - Bolt for bolt???

So he did.

b09.03.05_042_Spu_BPT_JD3.jpg (77427 bytes)

...and on Saturday Night, September 4th, 2005 - 25 years later - Dave got his checkered flag at Bridgeport.

We would like to congratulate Dave Spurlin, and would like to thank him for taking us all on a journey that few would have the courage to begin... and even fewer the ability and determination to complete.

BR9-3-05-13.JPG (113697 bytes)
After countless hours working alone in his garage, Dave Spurlin fullfilled a dream.

Here's a few photos taken by Justin Stone of Stone Creative Images that kind of captures the #42's first night out at Bridgeport Speedway on Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

(Click on each thumbnail for a better view and then hit the back arrow near the upper left of your screen to return)

Leslie tell's Dave not to get it dirty!

3Wide rides in style...

Is it the still the 70's?

3 Wide for the checker...

Spurlin, Weaver and Mondelli

It's within reach....


First Place!

Spurlin and Paul Weaver

Not a TEO...

Is Victory Lane this way?

Good Great Sports - Dave Spurlin & John Mondelli

Special Thanks again to Justin Stone of Stone Creative Images

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