Wall Turkey Derby - Day 1 - Friday, Nov 25, 2011
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Short track racing fans - Please keep the tradition alive!

Matheny Kid's Christmas Party - Saturday Dec 17th

Time Warp...

Geoff Bodine at Pocono -1970

Bob Ripley's beautiful recreation at Wall, 2011

See what I mean?

Geoff Bodine in the Valiant at Pocono in the early 70's

Thanks Bob Ripley Jr for doing such a great job in getting it right... right down to every last detail.

Lots of great vintage cars on display from the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC)

Former Gil Hearn racer

The best thing to do with a Pinto...

Bob and Rich Caramella - Two of the best, always helping those who need it most, helping to raise $'s to support the Matheny School Kid's Christmas Party.
Short track racing fans - Please keep the tradition alive!

Matheny Kid's Christmas Party - Saturday Dec 17th

Speaking of good guys, and the Matheny School Kid's Christmas Party, Kevin Eyres (who coordinates the event) gets ready to head out for qualifying action.

Lots goin'on in the pits!

Kevin Davidson heads out with old glory flying high on a beautiful November day

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Looks fast sittin' there

Mighty Matt Hirschman...

Dom Buffalino takes a turn on the asphalt in the Michel Bros #51M

Gimme Five

Sporstman cars line up for qualifying

...Sweatshirt Wisdom

"Showtime" takes in the show

Speakin' of hot dogs...  Actually, that's New Egypt Modifed driver Dom Buffalino with Lenny, Davey and Danny Sammons

Not a good way to start Turkey Derby...

Lots of damage on the right front...

Making weight...

Rob Ormsbee's Asphalt Modified ride

Staging lane

Chaz Okerson goes out for SK/Wall time trials

One of my favorites...

Tim Arre gets pushed out for time trials.

Stewart Friesen's Dirt Modified rocket ship.

Jimmy Blewett

Anybody over 40 immediately remembers Tom and Parker... and the white coupe whenever they see Danny Bohn's #659

Parker Bohn on the dirt surface of East Windsor from 1967 in the Tom Skinner #659

...still working on the #21 over in the Avis pits....

Jersey Shore Mustang #1

Kyle Dealaman and crew make repairs to the #2.  Dirt fans will remember the "Dealaman" name on Kenny Brightbill's 1/4 panel in the 70's & 80's:

Kenny Brightbill at Nazareth - 1983 - Larry Jendras photo.

Lot's of Legends...

Short track racing fans - Please keep the tradition alive!

Matheny Kid's Christmas Party - Saturday Dec 17th

Over the top

Time for the SK Wall Modifieds to "drop in"

Charlie Kremer Jr's #77

The Factory Stocks negotiate turn 4

The stands fill as it gets closer to feature time

Dirt Mods line up for time trials

Wall Sportsman (asphalt) driver Andrew Krause would end up timing fastest in the Supreme #27

Here's a view from the other side with everyone trying to get a view of the action in the background

... #1

Orange County racer

One of the larger crowds I've ever seen for Day 1 of Turkey Derby

All but the bottom few rows were pretty much filled

The Legends feature produced some great racing, but also a few crashes....

Big wreck for the little cars on the frontstretch eliminated a few of the top runners with just a handful of laps to go.

Trevor Alspach put on quite a show - Front to back... to front... Everybody where I was sittin' noticed the run this kid had for sure....

I'm a Buick guy, so without question, the '86 Buick Regal driven by Marty VanDruten is my favorite Factory Stock.... 

...just as long as Marty doesn't come looking for some replacement sheet metal...

Elliott, being... Elliott!

Where's the dirt?  Not sure of all of the guys, but I see a few familiar faces from New Egypt (Willie Osmun, John McClelland, Ty Constantino, Pat Michel and Mike Bent)

Short track racing fans - Please keep the tradition alive!

Matheny Kid's Christmas Party - Saturday Dec 17th

Wall mods

Dirt mod and asphalt sportsman....  Andrew Krause spent most of the day behind the wheel!

See, I told you.  Here he is out out of the Dirt Mod and right into the Sportsman in preparation for their feature event.

Fans settle in for the remaining features

Late Models head down the backstretch under the lights...

Sportsman wait their turn...

The sun sets, but there's still more racing ahead...

Not only were the fans treated to a beautiful sunset, but they saw one heck of a feature with Kevin Eyres working from way back of the pack to take the win in the 50 lap event.

Recap of Kevin's Day:  1.  Wreck the right front in the heat.  2.  Rebuild right front.  3. Start near last in the feature.  4. Win feature.  5. Get tech'd  6. Pass tech with flying colors.
Great effort Kevin and all the guys that helped get the Avis #21 back out on the track.

Short track racing fans - Please keep the tradition alive!

Donations for this year's Matheny Kid's Christmas Party can be sent to:
RJC Charaties
70 Albert Drive
Parlin, NJ, 08859
(Donations sent to the above address can be written off since it is a 501C Charity)

Checks or gift cards (if you do not need the ability to write off the donation) can be mailed to:
Kevin Eyres
144 Mercer Rd
Colts Neck, NJ, 07722

Thank You Short Track Race Fans!

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