Turkey Derby 2008

Packed House...

Really.... Every seat was taken, and those who couldn't find a seat were standing 5 deep along the top of the stands watching the action!

There's excitement in the air as the Open Tour Modified 100 Lap Feature is on the grid.

After finishing 2nd in the Sportsman/Crate/Mad Feature, Kevin Eyres put on the headset and went spectator side.

With blue skies overhead, the Open/Tour Modifieds take to the track for a few pace laps...

Never giving up on Wall, Promoter Jim Morton throws the green...  You did it Jim... Turkey Derby 2008 is on!

Good message to all on the back of the Pete Brittain driven #66.

How'd you like to follow this one for 100 laps?

Rescue team does a great job making sure driver is A-OK.

Billy Pauch Jr. heads through turn 2 in the Barney owned #14

A little get together as driver's take evasive action.

...And then it was time for the "Show".  That's Jimmy Blewett in the white #19 going under the #88...

Not the preferred line...  Maybe he had "help" getting into the corner?

...speaking of "help,"...

The crowd focuses as Jimmy Blewett, with 4 new tires (and a great set of rub rails) continues his run to the front!

(more help upcoming in 3..., 2..., 1)

"Contact!"...  The speedy dry from the inside of the track flies as Jimmy takes an "interesting" line through into turn 3...

With that entry into 3, the #19 comes up the track and with it, moves the #59 of Tony Hirshmann up.  End result: The #19 is the new leader.

The crowd is on their feet as they wonder if Pete Brittain will make the same move?

He yields the corner, but now has a great run coming off of turn 4 as they get the 2 to go sign...

...Brittain tries the outside off of turn 2 as the #19 and #66 head down the backstretch with the white flag in site...

After taking the white flag, Pete loses the handle on the #66 in the middle of turn 2.  Jimmy Blewett goes on for the win.

The crowd listens as 2nd place finisher Tony Hirshmann gets interviewed.. He says, "The crowd knows what they saw...  Blewett banged his way to the front" (or something like that...).  At that point, a few yards away, Blewett began waving the checkered flag over his head.  Even more boos from the crowd are heard.

A minute later and now its Blewett's turn on the mic.  He stokes the crowd with his victory lane interview by saying "Hirshmann is the Super Hero, and I'm the Villian... and sometimes the Villian wins."  The boos get louder!

They don't call you "Showtime" unless you put on a show, and whether you approve or disapprove, Jimmy made it exciting, and for many, that was a the "show."  They booed... they cheered... and my guess is if given the opportunity, they'll all be back again. 

I hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Derby 2008, and let's hope there's more history to be made at Wall Stadium.
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