2010 Wall Stadium "Turkey Derby" Day 1 Photos

An inside look from the Allen #71 Sedan

... I like how this one sits.

Rich Caramella's #301

...an original, found in a barn in South Toms River.

The clouds were heavy, but the rain was over!

Hot Rod.

Lots of history here...

Driver's Meeting

With dirt mods in the house, it only made sense to have an original Weld dirt car on track too.

Rich Caramella gets ready to head out in the #301 vintage Chevette.

Dom Buffalino was getting around quickly in the Micheal Brother's #51M

The Woodall's talk things over before heading out for time trials.

Wonder if they do take out?

Tara Evans gets her head set -set!

Kevin Eyres and crew wait in line for the Sportsman time trials.

The Mississippi Leg Hound Special!

John Blewett Jr and Billy Pauch Jr.

Needs some sneakers...

Don't forget - Racing Swap Meet next Saturday at New Egypt Speedway

Lou Cicconi was wheeling the #711, usually driven by Mike Isles.

Rick Laubach behind the wheel of the #27

Johnny McClelland in the #44

You shoulda' heard the engine on the #2...  Nothing else like it... (Heard it had Roush Yates Power under the hood...)

Billy Pauch straps the #1 around him...

Flintstone power?

Time for Dirt Modified time trials.

Foot warmer.

Fast timer, Patrick Dupree in the Saranac Cabins #24X

I liked the "snubnose hood" on the #B1

TDI Repair Facility (Collision Repair and 24 hour Towing & Recovery) of Swanton Vt is the sponsor on the #B1...

...and the #B3... and on the #2 driven by Stewart Friesen that had the "screamer" motor in it!

Big hit on the backstretch resulted in a lot of front-end damage on the #66.

The Dirt Mods were a great fit!  The cars were exciting to watch as they were on the ragged edge of control and catastrophe the whole race...

...and we even got to see the glowing brake rotors... just like back in the 70's!  (Check out Cicconi's front brakes in the yellow car above).

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