2010 Wall Stadium "Turkey Derby" Day 2 Photos

Packed House!

Bundle Up!

Even the racecars had blankets...  (That's Patrick DuPree putting the cover on his #24 after setting fast time - again, for the Dirt Mods.)

Stew Friesen's ride...

Can you find ART's?

Art's Radiator is a sponsor of 3 Wide's Picture Vault.

Where there's smoke... There's heat!

Checkin' tire size

Tommy Farrell takes the #8 up to the starting grid.

Mighty Matt Hirschman...  The class of the field... fields (Wall Mods and Tour Type Mods!)

Solomito Sixty Six.

Even for an old dirt guy like me, this is one cool looking racecar.

...and so was this, The TDI Repair Facility #B3, all the way from Swanton, VT.

Good looking #51 of Danny Sammons

It's cold... there's leaves on the ground... and the engines were running just to keep heat in the engine... It's gotta be Turkey Derby.

Speaking of "cool", here's Charley J's Vega...

The #14 Team of Ken Wooley Jr. look like they're ready to go...

Wall Mods begin to line up for their main event.

Talk about distracted driving!

Here's the Walko Automotive Service #27.... If you need a great repair shop in Somerset County NJ, give Andy a call:
(908) 526-6808

I actually did get back to my seat in time to watch a little racing...  and quite a bit of crashin'... followed by "realigning the field"...

...and even a little "post caution extracurricular activity." 

Gotta take a moment to thank Don Ling (Ling Trucking) and the Blewett's (Scrap Recycling - Howell, NJ) for making sure we all had something to do this year after eatin' turkey!

Ken Wolley Jr waits for the Tour Type Mods to be called for their feature... (I hope that thing has a heater in it...)

Danny Bohn gets some well wishes as he takes to the wheel of the #659... as others have taken the wheel of a #659 like Carl Van Horn, Parker Bohn, Eddie Bohn...

No problems seeing the #11 on the track...

Not sure if these guys actually work on the car, or are just trying to keep warm!

It's almost "Showtime", and Jimmy Blewett looks ready to live up to his name...

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