Wall Stadium - June 1, 2013
The Coupes and Sedans of GSVSCC Visit Wall...

Photos by 3Wide

Tribute to Jackie Moschera

...Cool coupe.

a look inside the #74

First time out - Matt Badessa's #44 - Possibly a former Bob Bottcher driven car


...more coupes...

Maul Missile tribute car

a look inside the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club Museum located at Wall Stadium

Otto Harwi #999 and Welding shirts

Folks check out the coupes and sedans on display

Joe Henshaw's #97

Bill Chevalier coupe

George Henshaw's flathead

Super clean sedan

F.D.N.Y. tribute car

... Also recognizing the F.D.N.Y. - "Seven in Heaven", 101 Red Hook

Ray Liss's smilin' #10 with mention given to Ace Lane Photos

Original Ferrante #X3 Ramp Truck... It's a beauty and it runs as good as it looks!

The #292 sat just about level when on the truck!

The Woody's Garage #68 as driven by Pete Frazee #68

Nice turn out of Coupes and Sedans on this special night at Wall Stadium

Fabricator, Racer,.... Racing Good Guy, Ray Liss!

Speaking of good guys, they don't get any better than the Henshaws!

Frank Drogan gets ready to head out for the on track pace lap exhibition

Chris Allen heads out in the Jerry Allen Tribute #71 Sedan

Alice Drogan heads out in the #106

Joe Henshaw gets ready to fire up his Ford Coupe

Chris Allen records the event from the driver's seat

With a 25 mph pace lap speed rule in place, Kenny Pullen figured out a cool way to keep an eye on the mph using his GPS!

There's Frank Drogan again waiting for the call to roll out.  The Coupes and Sedans Night at Wall Stadium was Frank's idea and it was a good one!

Sportsman driver Kevin Eyres gives a wave.  Kevin would go on to finish 2nd in the Sportsman main.

Now that's really a Hawaiian shirt!  - (Announcer Jeff Gravatt)

Supreme Manufacturing' well represented with both a sportsman and a modified, driven by Andrew Krause

Sportsman Pits

Current Sportsman runner Timmy Stephan does things his way with a REAL PINTO body... With the addition of the plexiglass spoiler in the back window, the #52 gets around real well.

Really cool to see a real steal body on a modern day racecar.  Also cool to see Timmy bring the Pinto home 5th in the Sportsman Main!

That's Tim behind the wheel getting ready to pace the vintage coupes and sedans of the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club

Ray Liss and Joe Henshaw roll on out onto the speedway

Ken Pullen and Matt Badessa follow

The coupes and sedans took a few pace laps at controlled speed to give the fans a glimpse of the past

The best.

Fans favorite sedan went to the #S1.

A view from race control.

Thank you to the GSVSCC for the invitation to attend "Coupes and Sedans at Wall Stadium."

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