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Many of the visitors of the Vault have expressed an interest in posting some of their favorite memories of Wall Stadium, so please send yours in and we'll see to it that they are posted!

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Your "Wall Memories"

Michael J. Conner   09.07.10

Tony C  11.29.09

Karl Mondschein  03/16/08

Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my life.
RIP Wall .  We've lost an old friend.
Karl Mondschein

Glenn Robinson    06/04/07

BILLTO74    05/25/07

Jerry H    03/18/07

Ralph Jones  02/15/07 

Thom    10/01/06

Josephine    09/22/06

Eric Paris    09/12/06

Bob Krollage 67 Modified 5/22/06

Rob Finger  Westminster, Colorado  12/6/05

Jerry Hart   09/08/05 

Bob Stives 8/28/05 

            Bob Stives 8/28/05 

Dale & Fred Verga    03/31/05

My wife and I were regulars at Wall from the 60's well into the late 70's. We were and still live in North Jersey and we made the trip every Saturday night. To us every Saturday night was " Wall Night". Back in those day's it was good clean fun and excitement. The fans, drivers, and all the people of Wall Stadium gave it there best to have a good old time Saturday Night. We brought many of our friends there and there friends in turn brought there friends.

A few years ago I took a ride there during the winter and went to look at the track. It was like I was brought back in time. I looked at the track and could hear the roar of the engine, smell of the rubber burning, the gas fumes burning my eyes and even hear the cheers of the crowd as our favorite drivers came down the chute on turn 4 coming out on the track. Wow what memories it brought back that December day. As I turned away I could remember the all the cars speeding out to get to the Parkway to get back home.

I must admit my favorite driver was Parker Bohn with Charlie Kremer a close second. That great white 659 of Parker Bohn and the 77 of Charlie Kremer. We all waited for Pete La Vance to drop the flag to get it all going. One had to admire Pete's patience with the Novice Division at times when they would not get lined up or when they did and then on the next lap there would be an accident and he would have to go through it all again.

Please except this note not only of memories that I have but also a " Thank You" to all the drivers and pit crews along with the management at Wall that gave us the Greatest Saturday night's of all time.

So in closing I would like to say to Parker Bohn, Charlie Kremer, Dave Hulse, Joe Kelly, Pete La Vance, Jim Hoffman, Pete Frazee, Gil Hearne, Joe Severage, Tommie Elliot and all the other drivers, many thanks guy's for all the fun that you gave to us. You guy's were a "class show of sportsmanship never to be forgotten.

PS- I still have a program from 1971 that was 35 cents at the time

Mark Walling   01/12/04   High Point, NC

  • Jim Hoffman finishing second to Jim Hendrickson at an All-Star race in the 70's.

  • Jim Hoffman winning the 300 lap Garden State Classic in his Chevy coupe.

  • The night Sandy Riddle jumped the first turn wall in his qualifying race.

  • I think it was the same night that Dave Hulse?? tumbled down the entire back stretch.

  • ANY night in the fall when Richie Evans or Charlie Jarzombeck showed up. Now you can discuss my least favorite Martinsville memories.   

Jerry H    12/27/04

  • Hey Markie Mopar/was there then!   Almost every feature that car was strong for the 1st few laps - always wondered what that car might have done just once w/new tires (instead of buying 6 week old take offs)

Markie Mopar    12/24/04

  • How about all the nights Rick Sendzick would keep that old #6 in front of all those Troyer cars for 5 or 6 laps in the modified feature?

Donald Worth    12/11/04

  • Gil Hearne winning the Garden State Classic 300 after John Blewett Jr loses a transmission with a few laps to go.

  • Sandy Riddles turn 1 accident

  • The pristine GMC 659 of Parker Bohn

  • Charlie Kremer Jr did an appearance with his sedan at I believe the Monmouth Mall prior to a race in the 70's.   Remember visiting his shop in Toms River as a child.

  • Gil Hearne's wire to wire win in the Garden State Classic.  Started outside pole of Drew Dalva.

  • Gil Hearne driving the black Jim Soucie #17.    No wins that season broke his consecutive season win streak.

  • The nicknames, Hollywood Ray Evernham,   Galloping Gil Hearne, Jungle John Blewett Jr, Tony "The Tiger" Siscone "The Racing School Teacher", Chargin' Charlie Kremer Jr., Jamie "The Jet" Tomaino.

  • My greatest memory, (as a fan of Gil Hearne, my childhood idol), I would walk outside the pits along the fence line.   In hand Iwould have pics I drew and notes I had written.  I would ask any available person to get Gil Hearne to come to the fence.  When he did, as he always did, I would give him my drawings and notes.   I was about 8 yrs old.   Many years later I met MaryLou Gravatt at a show at the Seaview Square Mall.   I spoke with her in length about my memories of Gil.  I was contacted by MaryLou not long after.    She had spoke to Gil and he remembered me.   Gil also supplied her with a copy of a note of a drawing I had given to him.   He had saved them for a scrapbook over the years.   This was nearly 25 years after I had given them to him.   Imagine the feeling I had that this local track driver saved these from a kid he didn't even know but a kid who was and to this day is his biggest fan.    Nobody was better than Gil Hearne.

Charlie Santilli Jr.  (long time Crew member #659)    11/17/04

  • August 11th, 1967: Skinner's 659 Coupe won the Trenton Qualifier at Wall Stadium beating Don House's XL-1 with Tommy Elliot behind the wheel. Parker Bohn was incredible at passing from the rear of the field.

  • 1984- Tony Siscone's return to Wall Stadium after severe burns at Martinsville, VA the fall before.

  • 1973- 5th Sportsman's Championship for Parker Bohn/Tom Skinner in the 659.

  • 1992- How about Charlie Kremer Jr. in Skinner's 659 Cavalier. Charlie started the feature in the rear, and in 10 laps was going for the lead in a brand new back up car for Eddie Bohn. Unfortunately an inline fuel filter caused the new 659 to drop out of the race.

  • 1961-present- The continued marriage between Parker Bohn and Tom Skinner, first as a driver/car owner, and now still working together as a team changing tires at Wall Stadium.

Jerry H

  • Remember Dick Dunn from CT flipping a capri in the 75/76? turkey derby (#3)?  Also Jim Tyler who ran Freeport and islip in the mid-late 70sin the #08. 

  • How about Bob Shultz who ran at Wall in the early 70's in a blue #9 Vega.

  • Hank (Deadly) Dudley ran ran wall early 70s orange vega

Sandy and Audrey


  • 1975/Joe Severage and Jack Buck winning the mod and sportsman championships  at Wall in coupes/the last ones to do it!/end of an era!   It will never be the same!    Keep the memories alive 3-wide!

Mike Kosmalski    04/04/04

  • I forget what race and year but It was what Gallopping Gil Hearne said after winning a big race at wall, He said and I quote " You got too have the car".  I think that had a big meaning to someone but I never found out too whom.  A spectator from years back, Mike Kosmalski

  • The worst wreck i ever saw at Wall (was Vinnie Green).  Anybody remember his engine almost in the infield? also rod cunliff impaling his car on the pit entance fence/blew his gauges out of the dash! 

  • The nite an underdog won.  I believe the year was 1976 - Ed Geibel in the #97 Coupe held off the great Charlie J in what I think was a 50 lapper  

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The Announcement From March 14th, 2008:
...Let's never forget how close we came to losing Wall Stadium...  Here is the release that came out on March 14th, 2008 announcing the closing of Wall.  Because of the work of Jim Morton and others including Sue Simpson, Mike Clayton, Kevin Eyres and many more volunteers, this was not to be the end of Wall as the team pulled together and organized the running of Turkey Derby 2008.  The event would prove to be such a spectator success that Jim Morton was able to work out an agreement with track ownership to open the track back up for the 2009 season.

As mentioned above, fortunately the release did not indicate the end for the great speedway.

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