Turkey Derby - Day One
Wall Stadium

Lowrider.  Marty Van Drutan had the former Gil Hearne ride back in tip top shape after Hurricane Sandy had other plans...

Every racecar has a story... We found this on the back of the Barker Racing #6.

El Herbert's cool Vega

Original Bobby Malzahn car... Almost track ready.

Good turnout of vintage cars thanks to the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC).

Former Dorney Park car - If you're a Dorney Park guy and want a great vintage project, this one is available...

It's all there....  Give Ed a call at 732-679-O725 and he'll give you the details...

Some may not know it but Frankie Schneider won the first feature ever held at Wall Stadium.   He will be the Grand Marshall for Saturday's Turkey Derby event.

Too cool.  (The weather and the #1!)

Inside the GSVSCC Museum located behind the 1st turn - Plenty to look at and plenty of heat!

A little later in the morning, folks start to make their way around...

Great looking Pinto bodied racer.

Great to see Sam of "Sam's Racing Stuff" on the job.


Tommy Baldwin Racing (TBR) was in the house with the family #7NY

Somehow the turkey made it through another Thanksgiving without an invite to dinner...

Anthony Sessely, who has been doing it the dirt behind the wheel of his TSRSS 305 Sprinter most of this year, was right back in top form on the asphalt.

Wonder if there was a Black Friday special?

Chaz Okerson's McCurdy "Well" Drilling #99

Eddie Bohn was up from North Carolina

Jason Hearne in between track sessions

Kremer #77 pit

Shawna Ingraham after turning some quick laps in the #66

Rowan Pennink always runs up front...

Each Turkey Derby, Jimmy Blewett proves to all that the name "Showtime" is well deserved.

Ready to roll out

One to watch.... Doug Coby in the #20

Watch it run and then buy it!

Chris Hamilton's #20 being driven by Shannon Mongeau

"Snazzy Stripes" on the Kluth Motorsports #44

Hirschman pits

Matt get's ready to turn a few more practice laps

Jimmy gets ready to quickly remove the stickers on those new Hoosiers...

Elliott being Elliott

Waterford Speedbowl racer Nicole Morgillo was down from the New England area.

Tommy Baldwin keeps and eye, and the clock on the #7NY

GSVSCC's Jim Hall videos the on track vintage exhibition

Ray Liss coupe

Big Marty brings the former Gil Hearne ride back in after turning some quick laps.

Jack Paterson wheels the #3 back into the display area.

Barker Racing's tribute car to Jackie Moschera

Scott Fricks in his way cool "Liss Built" Gremlin

Gotta love the original body and paint on Terry Van's #74...  Don't touch a thing!

Barker Racing's tribute car to asphalt and dirt track racer Dickie Lewis

Flatheads forever...

Chris Allen with a tribute car to his father, dirt and asphalt racer Jerry Allen

GSVSCC member Cornelius Joyner always makes the show.

Still showing some of the leftover snow/salt from the trip down from NY, Bob Ripley Jr. was all smiles after turning laps at Wall in the Bodine #99.

Ryan Flores and other sportsman drivers are ready to answer the call for their feature event.

Jason Caruso in the #36

I heard there were close to 40 Legend cars on hand... Some made the trip all the way down from New England.

Talk about a racing resume at all levels, that's Charlie Langenstein working on his son's #7 Legend car.

Good young racer and somebody to really keep your eye on, Austin Langenstein tries to keep warm like the rest of us prior to the start of the Legend feature.

An early "360" in the Legend B Main, wasn't enough to keep Steve Smith from transferring to the main.  (Thank you for keeping it lit Steve!)

"Hey".... It's Uncle Sy hangin' on to the roll bar...

Diving into your work....

Pit stands are pretty packed as the Sportsman Feature hits the track.

Good crowd on hand considering it didn't get out of the 30's all day...

Spotters take their place

...as does videographer John Filimon

It's time to go racing...

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