"Turkey Derby Saturday"
Wall Stadium

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Green Flag opens up qualifying for the Tour Modifieds

Steven Reed heads out...

Great looking #51

Danny Bohn get's ready to roll out

It's not Turkey Derby without a red #14

Good to see Eddie Bohn on hand as well as Danny Serrano who never misses the "Derby" and is looking forward to some exciting things in 2013

Matt Hirschman's crew gets the #60 in position for his qualifying attempt

TQ driver Mike Tideback knows his feature is next up

Rick Laubach and crew behind the #27 of Andrew Krause

Tom Carberry waves his son Tommy out for their qualifying session

Tommy was behind the wheel of the Saxton Motorsports #23X

Dirt racer Dom Buffalino focuses on what lies ahead...

Jimmy Weiss stepped out of retirement to take to the highbanks at Turkey Derby 2012 in a car usually driven by Steve Davis

I don't get to too many asphalt races, but it seems whenever I do, Matt Hirschman wins...

The only time that AARN's Lenny Sammons doesn't get the story is when it's too cold to take his hands out of his pocket!

Lot's of folks around the Bohn pits

Seeing double

Fueling up the #65.

Dave Hunt rolls out in his big block

A former Kart racer, Dave looked fast out on the asphalt...

Wall Sportsman racer Andrew Krause get's ready to do some dirt track racing on the asphalt

My favoritie car.. Chaz Okerson's really coooool looking #99.

Lot's of Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club cars on hand...

...hadn't seen this one before....

A crowd begins to gather for the unveiling of the Don House #XL-1

Good to see friend of The Vault Charlie Lindmar up from Florida to attend the event

Ray Evernham's #19 Ford Probe

Ray gets his photo taken by award winning photographer Jim Smith

Wally Dallenbach Sr., Wally Dallenbach Jr and Ray share a few words

Wally, who drove the #XL-1 back in the 60's at tracks like Vineland, Oldbridge and Trenton, get's interviewed by AARN's Earl Krause

Lots of smiles from Ray and Wally.  Many will remember that Wally went on to become a winner on the USAC circuit in the 70's.

Time for the unveiling...  Wally Sr. grabs one side of the cover while Ray takes care of his side.

.... The cover comes off...

...revealing the beautifully restored original Don House/Al Gehrum built #XL-1.  The car was rebuilt/restored by Eddie Bohn and will be displayed at Ray Evernham's Museum in North Carolina.

Here's one of how the #XL1 looked back in the cay... (Photo by:  George Pavisko)

Ray get's behind the wheel of his #19 to lead the vintage cars in a few parade laps alongside the #XL-1

....Backseat driver... Wally takes his familiar seat in the #XL-1 which had the placement of the driver's seat way in the back of the cockpit.

...Low rider!  Here's another great looking car that I don't remember seeing before.

Bob Nase takes the #3 out for a Saturday drive

Chris Allen in the "Allen #71".... a # that his dad Jerry Allen drove for many years in the 70's

Ray Liss in his familiar #10 and even more familiar Smile face

Larry Houseman's original Weld ride

Here it is from the 70's at East Windsor Speedway

A big crowd braves the cold as the next feature gets ready to begin

Tour Mods are ready to go

Matt Hirschman with Jimmy Blewett alongside get ready for the start of the Modified Tour 150 lap race.

Matt would gain the early advantage..

Jimmy Blewett would take his turn at the point...

At the end, it was Matt Hirschman pulling into victory lane as the photographers swarm in to take a picture of the winner.

Andrew Krause #27 and Joey Payne #94M would battle it out for most of the Dirt Mod feature with Krause earning the victory.

Jimmy Blewett in the #5 gets ready for the Wall SK Modified Feature

The sun begins to fall and so do the temperatures....

Anthony Sessely in the #16 with power from Boardwick Engines

Zane Zeiner in the cool #76

Ron Silk in the #20

... the right rear tire on Erik Enstrom's #6X looks pretty bad after his feature event run...

...but not as bad as his left rear!

Opening laps of the SK/Modified Feature

The hoods are up and the hands are in the pockets as the sun makes it's last appearance on Turkey Derby 2012

Thank you to management, staff and competitors for a great Turkey Derby.
See you in 2013!

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