Warren Township Car Show 2008

There's something for everyone at the Warren Township Car Show

Larry Dixon open wheeler'

...with plenty of chrome.

Original Offenhauser driven to a 15th place finish at Indy by Troy Ruttman in 1950.

Start it up!

The original Ferraiuolo #73!

The sticker found on only a handful of cars... but what cars they were.

Anthony IV and Larry Ferraiuolo take the hood off the #73 to give us all a peek...

Great place to keep a big block!

Anthony Ferraiuolo shared a few stories... I overheard one about the time Ken Brenn Sr. said he needed Anthony to take a ride with him to check on something...  The ended up in Indianapolis!

The open wheel section caught the attention of fans of all ages.

Pink Panther Polish Power.

Yup... It's a Weld car.

Alice Drogan fires up her #106 "Bill Chevalier" vintage Coupe.

Great looking Ford Coupe.

Great looking Ford Coupe.

Great looking '38 Chevy...

Great looking '38 Chevy... (I think it's a 37 or 38... since it has the gutters that go over both windows and the lower door ridge that follows the line of the front fender...)

We'll... I know what the street rod guys want to do with it... and I know what the Vintage guys would rather do...

Great display depicting a typical 1960's day at Old Bridge Speedway from Dan Rhein

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