Warren Township Car Show 2013
Sept 8th, 2013
Photos By:  3Wide

King Me!

Charlie Edkin's #43X, George Henshaw's #64, and Joe Obitz's (sp?) #44

Original Freddy Hamm racer. (This car's for sale - 732-674-0725 - Ask for Eddie.)


Ken Brenn Sr gives a wave as he zooms by.  Ken's a busy guy on the day of the show!

Rappin' On Racin's Joe Connolly, Bobby G, and Jim Maxon catch up on things with photographer Ace Lane Jr.

Flemington Speedway Historical Society had lots of great stuff to look through.

The Jeff Hanna #63, and the great looking #24 Coupe with owners Rich and Lester Miller.

The Alperti White Phantom looking great.  (Owner Artie had a heck of a time finding the right hubcaps!)

Great day for a car show.

Just like it was put away 45 years ago.

Cruisin' with Goop.

Time to get something to eat...

Show cars in every direction.

"Field of Dreams Vettes"

Coupes, T-Buckets, Pickups....

Chevelles, Challengers, Camaro's and even an old Goat

You guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Wayne Young in his Nash Metropolitan from the early 70's.

Sharp '70 Chevelle... and 43 years ago you could have bought it for less than $5k!

$2809 for the basic car and another $2000 worth of options, including a bargain of only $503 for 454 cubic inches!

Old guys like us like old trucks...  I think this one belongs to TQ/Midget Historian Karl Mondschein.

59'er Fins.

Very clean Nova.

Larry and Anthony Ferraiuolo with the hood off of the King #73.

I got to ask racecar fabricator Pete Harraka and Anthony IV a few questions that I had about the differences between a "King" cage compared to the Harraka built cages.

Pete showed me that the King cage upright turned front to back, while the Harraka built cages went side to side.  Harraka's also used larger diameter tubing and were all mig welded.

I don't think there is a better looking vintage car out there...

...and that's quite a resume.

Thanks Larry, Anthony and Mr. Ferraiuolo for bringing the #73 out for all to enjoy.

Al Gehrum #XL-1

Real Sheraton Thompson Roadster

AJ Foyt's view from behind the wheel

Larry Housman's real Weld #74.

Here it is from a different angle!

Something for everyone.

First time seeing this one... the Miracle Power Special driven by Tommy Hinnershitz.

...an amazing find.

A large crowd gathers as members of A.C.O.T conduct interviews and present awards to some special guests.

Karl Mondschein (aka Moonracer1) likes what he sees...

An original Wally Campbell driven racer.

Not sure of the history of this one, but that 'aint no TEO....

Heading home in style.

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