Warren Township Car Show
Sept 13th, 2015
Photos from 3Wide

Great variety of old racers

Flathead powered

Vintage Henderson Motorcycle

TQ's, Midgets, Sprints... some with cages and some without.

Ferraiuolo & Son's Grant King #73

...Looks great from any angle.

...It all started with Mr. Brenn asking Tony Ferriaullo to "take a drive out to Indianapolis...."  Ken bought the 1st King Modified and Tony bought the second.

Real deal big block under the hood too...

AJ Watson built 1980 Champ Car - Drivers included George Snider and Rich Volgler.

Driven by Carl Bergkvist, Gary Bettenhausen, Wally Dallenbach, Toby Tobias, and others.

Jimmy Maguire talks to the owner of the #16.

Craig Paterson's #92, restored by Al Michalchuk

Larry Housman's original Weld Modified

Al Gehrum's #XL-1

Al Gehrum, Charlie Lindmar and Kenny Edsell

Ken Brenn stops by the Flemington Speedway Historical Society's display.

An original Pauch driven #126 at the Tri State Vintage display

"Scratchblt Special"

Joe Henshaw's "Flying Tiger"

Rappin' on Racin's Joe Connolly, Bobby G, Ace Lane and Tommy Lane reminisce about racing H.O. cars in Paterson back in the day...

Bob Harkey driven Indianapolis racer.

New Egypt Sportsman Ace Brian Roemer get's ready to head out.

...as does this 1960's Indianapolis Roadster

See you next time!

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