Warren Township Car Show 2012
Sept 9th, 2012

Special guests of the show - Wally Campbell's wife Teresa, and daughters Shirley (left) and Kathy (right) pose next to one of the cars that Wally Campbell drove.

Great day for a show...

Some see "Hoop's Hoopty."  Other's see history.

Beautiful Coupes

Not much legroom!

George Henshaw gets ready to start up the "Old Flame" for the 12 noon audible engine salute.

The view from behind the wheel of the 1920's/30's "White Phantom" racer.

Folks enjoyed checking out Goop's "Flemington Speedway Rolling Museum.

Corvettes, Antiques, Army Vehicles, Classics, Racecars and Motorcycles.... in a perfect setting for a show.

Long time modified owner and long time Corvette owner Dom Ragno finds a shady place to enjoy the show.

... it's not aero dynamic... it probably blocks the driver's view... it would probably get stolen... but I miss art like this!

...keeping an eye on things.

The hardware.

Original paint.

Early 70's Goat

Rare 1970 Boss Mustang restored by friend of The Vault Frank Miller after being pulled from a barn fire years ago:

Glad someone they were able to pull this one out of the barn so it could be restored to this condition as seen above.

Really cool light green color on this big Riv:

...with plenty of sparkle too!

Early 70's Dodge Monaco.. It's wider than a Smart car is long!

...I remembered this one from last year... Nice, clean, not overly modified Mercury Comet.

Plymouth Fins

The Mopar corner (with a Buick Grand National snuck in there somehow...)

If you like car shows, be sure to check out the Flemington Speedway Historical Society  Car Show on Oct 20th (see banner).

Weissglass historian George LeBlanc had vintage rides on display

I'm always amazed at the mechanical ingenuity found on old motorcycles...

...How many of these can there be out there?

Charlie Edkins 1929 racer

The Ken Brenn Offy with owner Dick Briggs

Wally Campbell's Speedway Division Car - 1950 Hillegass sprinter stretched to championship car length.

More Open Wheel Classics

...and even more...

...and yup, more still!

Here's one that's awaiting restoration

My favorite of the show....

For those of us around 50 - 60, looking at these cars is almost as enjoyable as looking at a beautiful women... (maybe better

Billy Cannon tribute car on display just a few miles away from Billy's hometown of Berkely Heights

Really cool classic owned by former modified racer/car owner Gary Roemer

Larry Housman heads out in style!

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