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SpeedSTR Racer Wayne Weaver Visits Vineland High School
(From Wayne Weaver)

Last week I went back in the class room at Vineland High School to teach the Honor Science students and Automotive Technical students about race car construction and racing.  I saw about 100 students throughout the day.  We discussed the Science aspect of the SpeedSTR based on material makeup and we also discussed the automotive tie in.  I sat on the advisory board several years ago to help get our ASE certification for our auto shop. 

The Vineland High School has a fantastic shop teacher Louise Bramante who is also a Green Flag member for New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP). Their Science teacher Vicki Volpe is also a racing fan as her father and ex husband both raced sports cars. The students leave the program fully credentialed and ready for employment. 

The students really seemed to enjoy the SpeedSTR.  We started out in the classroom and went to the Speedway Entertainment website, NJMP website  and I also showed the students the last race at Kutztown when I got upside down. I fired up the engine for each class and they really enjoyed that.  I strapped many of the willing students in the cockpit so they realty could get a feel for a real race car.  I also discussed all the safety features and safety equipment that goes in to racing.   

Hopefully the students left with a better understanding and appreciation of race cars, safety and maybe we will get a few more participants and fans in the future. 

All photos provided by Wayne Weaver.

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