Photo Recap of The Glen Gardner Show
Sunday, Sept 17th, 2006

c09.17.06_074_POL_Glen_Gardner.jpg (192286 bytes)
Joe Poliacik with his Gremlin just as it came off the track about 25 years ago!

c09.17.06__B6_BAN_Glen_Gardner.jpg (176899 bytes)
Bob Banghart's hiked up #B6 Falcon!

c09.17.06_058_BAN_Glen_Gardner.jpg (178347 bytes)
Ralph "Camel" Banghart in a car that last saw the track in 1979....

c09.17.06_058_BAN_Glen_Gardner_2.jpg (123641 bytes)
A look inside Camel's #58...

c09.17.06__95_SCH_Glen_Gardner.jpg (157056 bytes)
An original Brightbill #19... talk about history!

c09.17.06_019_JAC_Glen_Gardner.jpg (182824 bytes)
Host Wyatt Jacobus had the #19 sedan on hand.

c09.17.06_095_SCH_Glen_Gardner.jpg (177689 bytes)
Hoop's #95 with the 35+ year mud still in place...

c09.17.06_323_ED__Glen_Gardner.jpg (175487 bytes)
Ed Asnardi is now the proud owner of the #323

c09.17.06_042_SPU_Glen_Gardner.jpg (167641 bytes)
Dave Spurlin and Tom Partite were on hand with their coupes.

c09.17.06__38_UNK_Glen_Gardner_2.jpg (175739 bytes)
Found in a garage in PA, this was a blue #12 at one time... and we're wondering what it might have been before...

c09.17.06__38_UNK_Glen_Gardner.jpg (156296 bytes)
If you know anything about the history of this car, email us at

c09.17.06_042_JES_Glen_Gardner.jpg (71194 bytes)
Jesse finds a little shade inside Spurlin's #42.

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