New Egypt Speedway Flea Market
November 17th, 2007

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_Sedan.jpg (126232 bytes)
Found a new home...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_Grbac.jpg (123012 bytes)
Anthony Moran and Bryant Brown and their special friend...  Fortunately the wind stayed calm and Chris stayed earthbound!

d11.17.07_NES_GOOP.jpg (106841 bytes)
Goop "Pitstop" Modelli was out Christmas Shopping... FOR HIMSELF!

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_test.jpg (141348 bytes)
Looking Sharp...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_Spino.jpg (159657 bytes)
Good Guy Phil Spino found a motor for his vintage project...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_Ramp.jpg (124277 bytes)
Love those ramp trucks...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_HAG.jpg (137129 bytes)
John Hager made the long tow...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_Godown.jpg (129215 bytes)
Ryan Godown and Glenn Hisko talk shop with Mike Lyons

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_general.jpg (144189 bytes)
A little bit of everything...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_Erk.jpg (146465 bytes)
Dan Erkoboni's Micro

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_664.jpg (144472 bytes)
One fast SS Sprinter...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_117.jpg (130272 bytes)
Cash and Carry...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_097.jpg (140275 bytes)
Full Fendered Fun.

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_72.jpg (157947 bytes)
Didn't recognize this one...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_16.jpg (161928 bytes)
One of the best young driver's Chuck Palmucci.  Looks like he'll be looking for some new shoes in 2008?

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_007.jpg (163631 bytes)
Ian Borden takes a break...

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_2b.jpg (198578 bytes)
"2B" could be "Your2B"

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_02.jpg (141388 bytes)
Hey... What's in the trailer?....
d11.17.07_NES_Flea_02_1.jpg (117697 bytes)
... The always fast #02 driven by Glenn Hisko...  Make an offer, go fast too.

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_001.jpg (135960 bytes)
Donnie Kline's #1... What in the heck is "Tweaker's" on the quarter panel (above Cray Electric)?   Is that like Hooter's only smaller?

d11.17.07_NES_21_David.jpg (126732 bytes)
Looks like the former Mike David #21L SS Sprinter

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_34.jpg (116158 bytes)
Frames, Complete Cars...  Lots to choose from.

d11.17.07_NES_Flea_MEG.jpg (110723 bytes)
Earl Megill takes a minute to enjoy the day with brother John.

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