Photos From Wall Speedway Swap Meet

(Show provided by Earl and Doug Megill)
...a Little Chilly, But That Didn't Stop Most of Us!
Dec 1st, 2007

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA.jpg (126890 bytes)
The bargain hunters were out early...

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_b8.jpg (158456 bytes)
Something for everybody!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_c2.jpg (136363 bytes)

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_a7.jpg (164290 bytes)
...or dirt.

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_a6.jpg (177614 bytes)

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_b4.jpg (188724 bytes)
or little'r!

  (Feature winning Champ Kart set up for an 8 - 12 year old... Just add a kid and some fuel and you're good to go!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_c4.jpg (179902 bytes)
...Something new,

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_b9.jpg (165960 bytes)
...something a little old,

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_5.jpg (95364 bytes)
...and something real old!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_4.jpg (161276 bytes)
That music can only mean one thing...

Click above to see what we're talking about....
Goop is in the house.  We couldn't find him at first...

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_a2.jpg (133993 bytes)
....must'a been out getting a porkroll samich!  That's Goop and 70's racer Stan Hawk mug'n it up for the camera...

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_c1.jpg (131517 bytes)
Lot's of wheelin' and dealin' going on between Sportsman driver Gene Stravinsky and SS Sprint driver Tom Wycoff.

(I can't be sure, but I think Gene was cleaning up with the old, "Do ya' got 2 hundreds for a fifty" deal!)

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_a1.jpg (174467 bytes)
Get that vintage project going fast...

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_b3.jpg (130665 bytes)
...but don't forget to make it stop too!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_b1.jpg (141314 bytes)
That's Christopher Allen.  (Recognize the # and the last name Vault Faithful?)

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_c3.jpg (150138 bytes)
Earl Megill, Earl Krause, John Fillimon, Don Stives (up from Florida to do a little deer hunting) and Sue Simpson were on hand.

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_3.jpg (145034 bytes)
Speaking of John Fillimon, looks like's John retired the old blue van!  We miss the Milltown Fillimon Bros Movie Parties John!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_b7.jpg (136161 bytes)
Our friends from S&D Bodyline made the long tow down.  They can help you with your body.... We'll... maybe some of you (lol.)

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_2.jpg (162205 bytes)
Wait a minute!  There's still hope of hearing that Allman Brother's "Eat a Peach" 8 track tape that you've been saving after all!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_a8.jpg (147378 bytes)
Through the roll cage's of a couple of Champ Karts, that's 70's Mini Stock and Modified driver Jay Aten taking in the day.

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_a9.jpg (173177 bytes)
RacerFran (Fran Lutz) braves the cold with Kaitlin's Kart.

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_b2.jpg (171599 bytes)
Micro's Stock race-ready!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_7_85.jpg (148099 bytes)
Former Tom Mauser #45 Cavalier...

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_8_85.jpg (156045 bytes)
...would make a good vintage project!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_9_85.jpg (177975 bytes)
Before... and after.  Some TLC and a lot of talent and it can be like "before" again!

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_b5.jpg (135852 bytes)
This one made us really stop and think... Tom Baldwin, Tom Skinner and JBIII.

d12.01.07_WALL_FLEA_c7.jpg (139566 bytes)
We saw a lot of stuff sell, and what didn't sell,... well...., there's always next time!

If you saw something in the photos that you're interested in, post a note on our 3Wide's Message Vault.
(We do have a few photos that captured some of the phone #'s on the items above and we'll be happy to get them to you!)

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