New Egypt Welcomes "The King"
Saturday, July 5th, 2008

With the sun shining, Anthony and Larry Ferraiuolo wheel the beautifully restored Grant King Built #73 Modified behind the main stands for folks young and old to take a closer look...

Afterward, the #73 took its place in front of "The Vault"in the picnic area, where Billy O and Anthony Ferraiuolo spent time talking about a few things...

(Wonder what they were thinking of...)

...Then it Started to Rain...

With a few raindrops giving warning of what was on the way, instead of loading the car up, Larry and Anthony let us display the #73 under the big tent, giving fans a chance to see the King car, and a chance to remember some of the great moments provided by this team with drivers such as Mulligan, Balough, Osmun, Beavers & Ferraiuolo behind the wheel!

Anthony Ferraiuolo and Ace Lane share a few stories and keep dry under the big tent with the racecar in the background.

Fan's had a chance to check out the #73 while waiting out the rain delay.

"Billy O" poses with his old friend - Ace Lane Jr. photo.

Always a favorite, Billy autograph's photos for fans - Ace Lane Jr. photo

Thank you to Anthony IV and Larry Ferraiuolo for giving New Egypt Speedway fans a chance to see this beautiful and historic car in person, at their local speedway.

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