Phillipsburg Mall Show - March 9th, 2008
All Photos By 3Wide

Sammy Beavers, Alan Carter, Newt Hartman, Bobby Braxton, Freddy Adam, Bobby Pickell, Ken Brenn Jr... and many more, along with a huge crowd of well wishers.

Newt, Freddie and others signed stuff for fans for quite a while.

John Bokros totally restored #51 Late Model as driven in 1989 at Flemington.

Any Dorney Park fans out there?  This one really jumped out at us!

Maybe just a little bit of bench racing... Ken Brenn talks to Newt Hartman with Tighe Scott straight ahead on the right.

Just like it raced in the 70's, its the Harry Taylor #92 owned now by Craig Ford.

Tighe Scotts 1979 Daytona 500 car.  If not for a little water on pit lane, Tighe could have pulled off the big upset!


An original Dick Havens driven Taylor owned #93.  (I still think this car was once the orange/yellow #11 that Lee McBride drove as a sportsman at EWS...).


Ace was on hand... I always hide my camera when I see him.  There's only one Ace!

Goop's neighbors in Berkeley Heights must have thought he was moving out as he had it all on display this weekend! 

Still has the "Buzzie" look to it!

Big crowd around Gary Hager's good looking #44.

Willie O looks to defend his Sportsman title this year at New Egypt.

Billy Lowden new business "Cheap Thrill Bods".  

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