Through the Fence...

From our friend, George Koyt

Photo ID # J08.04.13_066_UNK_TRN_0074K_1
Car #: #66
Driver (s) : Jerry Cranmer (see correction below in the comments Visitor Comments Section.)
Location: S
Date: 1970s
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt

Comment:  Pretty sure that this is Jerry Cranmer?, but I'll let the asphalt guys out there weigh in....

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08.05.13 El Herbert

The driver is Kenny Cranmer  “Two Toes” (not Jerry). I bought that car from Don Cranmer in the spring of 1976 and ran it as the Orange #02 Sportsman and in 1977 went to the Mod Division.


Jay Schirtz

Response to El Herbert, do you know who built car and what happened to it when you stopped racing with it?

01.04.14 Kenny Cranmer

The blue pinto in this picture was owned by my father Don Cranmer.  I drove this at Wall Stadium and New Egypt in 1975. I think this picture is lap 2 of the 1975 Turkey Derby when the throttle stuck  down the back straight away, went up hit wall and rolled over.

Thank You - Kenny Cranmer

01.05.14 El Herbert

Response to Jay. The car was built by Sonny Seaman, front half was IH scout and the rear half 57 chevy frame. As far as I know I was the last to drive the car in 1978. The car re-appeared at the pumpkin run, Rick Broschard had it there For Sale!  Nice to see the comments made by Kenny.