Through the Fence...

From our friend, George Koyt

Photo ID # L11.29.15_075_CAS_BPT_0781KOYT_1
Car #: #75
Driver (s) : Richie Cass
Location: EWS Bridgeport (thank you RuCu)
Date: July 1981
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt

Comment:  The colors are not the same, but this one sure looks a lot like the Ray Cranstoun #65C that was driven by Ray and by Rich Polenz.  Richie Cass was a lot of fun to watch... on the track, and off!  A true free spirit that is missed by those who got to know him.

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12.03.15 RuCu This picture is from Bridgeport
12.03.15 Don Wolfe

That car was built specifically to run at East Windsor since they had no scales. It was the first smaller body light weight car after they switch from Big Blocks to Small Blocks. We ran there a few times and that was the car to beat. I always thought that car was the best at that time. A few years later all the Big Bodies showed up. But the lightweight, small body cars were the way to go. Sail Panels were not run in that time period.  

12.07.15 Scott Cranstoun

My Dad had made a few bodies for guys and I remember this one for Richie. He did a lot of louver for guys as seen on this body. Is this the car Richie flipped at EWS on the last lap going in the 3rd turn? I know one of my Dads bodies was on his car when he did.

02.03.16 Paul

Yes Scott it's the same car. Richie won the 100 lap sportsman race at Flemington giving him a spot for the race at Syracuse. He flipped this car the week before Syracuse and we worked non stop to get it fixed.

This car was Rich Farreny's (sp) 59 f I think was the number. He was from Trenton and part of the Pete's Welding family. Charlie O'Neill bought the car from him, left it the same color but renumbered 75c. Cranstoun built the car.