Through the Fence...

From our friend, George Koyt

Photo ID # L12.01.15_057_MAT_FLM_0074KOYT_1
Car #: #57
Driver (s) : Billy Matthews
Location: Flemington
Date: 1974
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt

Comment:  One of my favorite Sportsman cars - Billy Matthews in the #57... I can't remember if this is a former Kenny Brightbill coach, or a former Bob Toreky Coach... (or both!), but it was a cool looking ride and Billy got around Flemington very well in it.   Probably one of my top 10 cars from back in the day....

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12.07.15 Mike Clissold Thanks for posting this photo of Billy Mathews by George Koyt.  That was a Bob Toreky car and Kenny Brightbill before that. From what I have, it looks like Billy had 2 different bodies.  The other one was much shorter sedan.   Here's the shorter one:

Sadly, Billy died some years ago.   I knew him pretty well because I was good friends with his younger brother Bob. The third brother was Harry.  Billy was several years older than us and used to harass the younger guys.   We had some good football games on the back field behind the Mathews home in Bound Brook NJ as well.