Through the Fence...

From our friend, George Koyt

Photo ID # L12.06.15_082_WIL_FLM_0776TKOYT_1
Car #: #82
Driver (s) : Randy Wilmore
Location: Flemington Speedway
Date: July, 1976
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt

Comment:  I don't remember Randy being a regular at Flemington Speedway.  This might have been a special show as Randy, with small block power, is lined up alongside of Freddy Dmuchowski with big block power under the hood of the #303.

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12.06.15 Don Wolfe

I see Randy is running Fuel Injection with his small block. Fuel Injection was not allowed in the Sportsman class. I'm wondering if he was running for the small block bonus that was offered back then. The motor could be bigger than the 339 rule that Sportsman had to abide by at the time. Remember the # 81 of  the Black Horse racing team, and a few other drivers, with small blocks competing in the Modified division to pick up the bonus money.