Through the Fence...

From our friend, George Koyt

Photo ID # M08.19.16__XX_KOS_EWS_0070KOYT_1
Car #: #XX
Driver (s) : Mike Kostic
Location: East Windsor Speedway
Date: 1974?
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt

Comment:  Mike always was one of those guys that looked for a better way to do things...  I always noticed his "creations" and thought they were pretty cool, and always with the signature "XX" which to me always represented "eXXperimental, but may also have had to do with Mike's last name, which although spelled differently, I think is pronounced just like the chemical term "caustic."

Somewhat related to Mike's "uniqueness", I'm pretty sure that the frame that Al Michalchuk's used to build his dark blue Gremlin bodied modified for the start of the 1975 season came from Mike, and that it was slightly scaled down compared to other frames of the day.  (Al had always built his own chassis previously.)

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