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Photo ID # a04.01.04__72_GRI_EWS_0071G_1
Car #: #72
Driver (s) : Bruce "Pee Wee" Griffin
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 1970'S
Photographer: Carl Becker
Photo provided by: Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC)
Comments: I'm wondering if that say's "East Windsor Speedway on the drivers quarter panel...  Coundn't be that Pee Wee was trying to score some points with the officials could it?  Pee Wee definitely keep things exciting in Hightstown... both on the track and on the streets!  Wish I still had my red T-Shirt with Pee Wee's #72 on the back!
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04/04/04 Bob Becker Check Pee Wee's shoulder straps, state of the art!
08/19/04 Daddio There's Old PeeWee in "Big Red".  If he couldn't pass them, he'd push  them out of the way, which brings up the fact that you could drive a Modified on  the street.  He only lived a couple miles away with his family in total  poverty in the back of an old roach infested gas station on Rte. 130.  I   remember visiting the shop with my cousin during a rainout, and yep, my cousin   Charles sponsored him; that's our name on the roof.  Don't worry, those   belts will hold, the half shell helmet will keep the brain from spilling out,   and the kids can survive on one sterno cooked hotdog a day, but man that big   block ran sweet and there were always new tires on the car.  How he ever   got real men like my cousins Charles and Lenny, and a real cool guy named   "Coach" to help him out was really beyond me.  I read an article years  later that Gary Balough was running Daytona in a car owned by "millionaire"  PeeWee Griffin and I was stunned, found out later he was involved in the same  drug scandal as Balough, Billie Harvey, etc.  Just amazing how fortunes turn. 
11/15/04 Enorthsprint I remember cars flying some colors for the tracks they represented at All Star or other special events in the Tri State area.