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Car #: #707, #23
Driver (s) : Gerald Chamberlain #707, Lew Hennessy #23, ? #A4
Location: Unknown   Orange County - thanks Warren
Date: Late 1960's or 1970
Photographer: Dave Innes Sr.
Photo provided by: Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC) - Become a member today!
Comments: One of the defining cars of my youth...  I can remember how intimidating this version of the Big Donkey appeared out on the track whether Gerald Chamberlain, Stan Ploski or even Jan Opperman were at the controls.  The motor set way back as you can see and it just looked like the car was trimmed out to so that all that remained was pure race car!
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12/27/04 Warren Wetzel The 707 is at Orange County
03/23/05 Steve Fegley This car is the first mod I ever got to stand next to while it was running.  I remember my dad taking us in the pits one night after the races at Reading.  We went to get our pictures we got that night autographed.  As we were standing there I remember them firing up the car to load it on the trailer.  They reved it up -  it blew huge blue and orange flames out of the pipes!

I remember asking my dad how it was possible that the flames didn't melt the rear tires!.  He laughed and said that if the car sat there long enough  running it would melt the wheels!  lol.

I was hooked on the modifieds from that night on and still am that way today.

03/24/05 3-Wide .... and that ladies and gentlemen is what it's all about.  (Great little story Steve - Thanks)
12.08.11 Terry Fick When Chamberlain was in the Donkey it sported an SOHC 427 Ford that Deasey bought (I believe) from The Snake. That was the engine that spewed the blue flame since it breathed so easily. I remember standing next to the car one night (Chamberlain had won) but the car was overheating. They were idling the car while a crewman ran a hose over the radiator. Another guy was standing next to the car with his pants leg in the blue flame. I have no idea when the pants did not catch fire.

The cammer was a brute. As I recall, if the Donkey was hooked up, there was nobody who had a thing for it. The problem it seemed, was keeping it hooked up, especially forward bite. The car ate rear tires and rear ends from all the torque. I guess sometimes you can have too much power. It sure was fun to watch.

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