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Photo ID # d05.22.07__H_UNK_TRN_0076G_1
Car #: #H... or #4
Driver (s) : not sure...
Location: Trenton, NJ
Date: 1976
Photographer: Mike Jones
Photo provided by: Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC)
Comments: Another up close pit lane photo from the 1 1/2 mile Trenton Speedway, 1976.  Looks like a quick conversion from #H to #4 was needed to make this one eligible to make a qualifying attempt!
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05/25/07 Mike Finn Jerry Mekera (spelling)?
05/25/07 Kevin Eyres I would bet this was one, if not the first Modified, on Hoosiers.
05/25/07 Larry Jendras The H Modified was owned by Michigan race car builder Ed Howe. According to Mark Southcott's stats, the driver was Tom Maier of Michigan and the number was listed as #42 and finished 22nd..  Ed also took a Modified to Martinsville, even though he was nationally known for his Late Models.
07/10/07 Jon Gilmore The car was as mentioned built by Ed Howe. Tom Maier was the driver at
Trenton. The number was as you see it and not changed for the race. Hoosier sponsored the car. They were a close associated with Ed Howe. The car was later owned by Roger Watt of Latrobe Pennsylvania. He was a distributor for Howe chassis. He raced modifieds and late models very successfully in Western Pennsylvania for many years and built numerous winning cars.

The Vega was painted bright yellow and ran as the number 44 two consecutive years at that Pocono International Speedway on the big track in the Race of Champions with Roger Watt driving. He finished 3rd and 5th. Very commendable runs for a driver that was never on a big track before. The last I knew he still had the car.