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Photo ID # d05.22.07___6_TRO_TRN_0076G_1
Car #: #6
Driver (s) : Maynard Troyer
Location: Trenton, NJ
Date: 1976
Photographer: Mike Jones
Photo provided by: Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC)
Comments: Here's Maynard Troyer in a his great looking #6.
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05/25/07 Chuck DeFebbo This was Troyer's back-up short track car. He wrecked his super speedway car in practice.
12/01/07 Chuck DeFebbo In looking at the photo a second time, there is long time crew chief Billy Taylor, standing there with is arms crossed.
08/29/08 Jon Waterman The 'trick' paint on the hood and other areas is done with a piece of DA paper and the gun set to narrow.  Using solid and candys, you could get some neat stuff dirt cheap. This was a staple on some cars we did in the early 70's.
09/13/08 Charles First, I appreciate the website a whole lot. We all agree, those were the days...

Now about this 1976 pictures set, my father took me there for what was I beleive the last RoC ever held at Trenton.  This race was really a who's who of modified racing legends.  If my memory serves me well Mr. Maynard Troyer was the winner of that race.

I was just a teenager at that time but this event has to be the highlight for me as a modified racing fan.
12.01.17 Michael Kent

This car would later be run at wall stadium in 1978 by Gil Hearne.