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Photo ID # 11.06.03_001_MIT_NAZ_0070H_1
Car #: #1
Driver (s) : Danny Mitchell
Location: Nazareth National?
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Dick Scoonermaker
Comments: Definitely one of the more interesting pictures you'll find in the Vault.  I remember Danny coming on strong at East Windsor in the early 70's and I think one night, he went right up and over between 1 & 2 and landed near the parking lot.  I also remember hearing a story about someone setting fire to his trailer and I'm not sure if it was the rig pictured here or not.  A few years back I remember reading that Danny was a crime victim and received injuries as a result of a break in to his home.  Sounds like a lot of unfortunate things for a guy who I remember as being a real solid driver back at EWS although I think he spent most of his time at the NY tracks.  One thing is for sure... there something to be said for the pureness of a white coupe with a black top with a simple #1 on the side.
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11/7/03 Scott Pacich That Mitchell coming into the pits at Orange County. Funny thing. Three cars and not a spare tire or part in sight!
11/8/03 Steve Fegley If I remember right it was his trailer and racer that was set on fire one night at the diner in Reading after the races one night.   I'm not positive, but I believe it was.
11/8/03 R&M Scott Happened after a race at East Windsor NJ. He had stoped @ a diner on rt 130 in a rig similar to that picture here with his car and freind Jake Rossega (sp).  Think car #770 on it and while eating someone torched it.
11/11/03 Kevin Mc I remember him winning a 100 lapper at EWS.   I was very young, this had to be around 1971.  I recall him running with a piece of sheet metal flapping near the end.   Does anyone else remember this race?
11/14/03 A Stan Fan I was told that one of Danny's cars was an old Buzzie 00 coupe.  
11/14/03 3-Wide Which one?   (Just kidding, but I aint kidding about how good these coupes look without all kinds of lettering and graphixs!)
12/09/03 Wayne Urffer I've always loved the 70's style coupes and sedans--the width, how low to ground they are, the way the engine sits in the frame, etc.   And, simple black-and-white or red-and-white color schemes have always been my favorite (think Al Tasnady).  And, to top it off, this rig comes into the pits with three matching cars!  It's just too cool!
04/10/04 Darntricks The cars were set on fire while Danny & Jake were in the Gateway diner, outside of Cranbury N.J. The word was it may have started because of an on-track altercation. East Windsor Speedway posted a$1000 reward  for any info of who may have done it. Also other drivers put up reward $ also. Frankie Shneider posted $200, Pee Wee Griffin&Stan Ploski posted$, as well as Flemington Spdy posting $500. To my knowledge, they never found who did it.
10/05/06 Steve Kresge Track looks to me like Middletown.
10/1/06 Joe Mezanko Danny Mitchell often brought more than 1 car to the track.  I remember one time Danny brought 3 good race cars and left that same night with 3 wrecked cars. Danny was back at the track (orange county) the next Saturday.  Danny had three different drivers that night and I am not postitive who they were, but I think Sonny Strupp was in one of them and Raggs Carter was in the other.   Does anyone remember the Yellow trim around the Black One?
01/07/07 Joe Macfarlan We learned that Danny Mitchell passed away on January 5th, 2007 at the age of 74.  Our condolences go out to the family of Danny Mitchell.
01/09/07 Herb Hoskins Danny loved racing and everything to do with racing I remember watching Danny racing at Middle when I was just a little kid he was always a strong competitor but a clean driver. Besides using Buzzie built cars he also would use Cagle cars. Danny well well really be missed at OCFS where he has been supplying tow trucks, and he was to come back to racing in 2007 as an owner of I believe Tommy Hindly's car or Timmy. Rest In Peace Danny and thank you for the enjoyment you brought to everyone with your racing.