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Photo ID # b05.20.05_003_HOR_BPT_0079H_1
Car #: #3
Driver (s) : Jimmy Horton
Location: Bridgeport
Date: 1979
Photographer: Jim Dallet
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment from Russ:  When Jimmy Horton went sprint car racing, combined shows with the modifieds required some "serious" hauling.  Note the car in the "Box trailer" Statewide hauler. This is a Jim Dallett photo taken at Bridgeport. I believe this was taken in 1979. Jimmy won several URC features that year at Bridgeport.
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05/21/05 John Mc Are you sure this isn't Syracuse? The modified in the trailer has low profile tires, and the ground doesn't look sandy enough, plus w/ the way people are dressed it sure looks like SDW. I guess Jim would know better than me if they're his pics, though.
05/21/05 3-Wide The only thing we're sure of in here John is the sun will go down tonight, and come back up tomorrow..  (at least we think so anyway lol....)  Other than that, all bets are off!  Seriously though... I'm not sure and maybe Jim or Russ can take another look.

I had an opportunity to talk to Jimmy at last year's Flemington Reunion about this sprint car with a big block in it and he said that it really ran well.  

05/21/05 Russ Dodge Joe, I may change my vote from Bridgeport to Syracuse, Jim Dallett, who passed away this past year, gave me the photo several years ago. He didn't identify where they were taken. Taking a second close look at the picture, and having worked at Bridgeport for several years off and on, The electrical poles do not look placed as they would be at Bridgeport. Mr. Dallett's son, Jimmy raced at New Egypt several years. Thanks, Russ
05/21/05 3-Wide Thanks Russ.  I remember "Gentleman" Jim Dallet as Nick Leach called him racing at New Egypt when they reopened around 1998... I think he ran a #95, but not sure.  I guess this was the photographer's son.
05/25/05 Terry Kelleher Dick Barney bought this truck later on and hauled his 14's on it. As luck would have it his cars were also red.
06/27/05 Robert Makosky The driver of the #95 sportsman is the son of the photographer Jim Dallett, now I cant remember what number follows who.  I think the dad is the 3rd (Jim Dallett the 3rd) and the driver the 4th (Jim Dallett the 4th) he no longer drives at NES but travels to New York and races on the DIRT Sportsman Circuit, but ran a few races at Bridgeport early this year.