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Photo ID # b05.20.05_659_VAN_ALC_0060H_1
Car #: #659
Driver (s) : Carl VanHorn
Location: Alcyon
Date: 1960
Photographer: Russ Dodge
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment from Russ:  Tom Skinner hauls the 659 into the pits at Alcyon Speedway in 1960. This hauler is still used today when Charlie Santilli brings the restored 659 to vintage shows. This is a Russ Dodge photo (Carl Van Horn was the driver that day)
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05/21/05 Ned Stites III If you look in the background Al Tasnady's 44 is on Sterling Lerch's flatbed. He had recently purchased the car from Neil Williams. There was a huge dent in the rear window that that they pounded out.
05/21/05 John Stover Was Tas the leading feature winner at Alcyon when it closed in1960? Thanks, John Stover
05/21/05 Bill Skinner I don't think there is any doubt Al Tasnady won the most features at Alcyon.  I'm not at all an authority on the early days of Alcyon, but from 1953 through 1960 Alcyon had 172 features, and Al won more than 20% of them despite missing all of 1955 (when he raced at Vineland) and parts of other seasons. From 1953 through 1960 the big winners were Al Tasnady-36, Jackie McLaughlin-23, Ed Lindsay-14, Ralph Smith-12, Budd Olsen-11, Otto Harwi-10, and Freddy Fehr-9. (None of these fellows won any features previous to 1953 to the best of my knowledge.) Before 1953 the big winner was probably Johnny Karp who retired after winning 7 features in the 1952 season. Thanks. Bill Skinner