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Photo ID # b07.17.05___A_HAU_FLM_0080H_1
Car #: #A
Driver (s) : Rick Holden or Al Michalchuk
Location: Flemington
Date: 1986?
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Bill Schenck
Comments: I think running good was the most important thing to Big B, but looking good wasn't too far behind...  Barry Schenck was one of the most colorful and well liked owners from the mid 70's up through the time of his passing in the mid 90's.  There was always someone always stopping by the trailer to say hello...  And many would sit down and spend a good part of the night sitting and talking with Barry.

Here's a tow vehicle that long before enclosed trailers, was about as nice as it got.  I'm pretty sure it was a GMC truck, and as you can see it was a beauty!  ("Big B" always went first class!)

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10/23/05 John Armbruster The first thing I thought of was that Barry was parked in Al Silliman's old spot : D
11/08/06 Tom McDonough This hauler was purchased in the late 80's from Big B by Al Spencer and used for the Spencer & Holden Racing Team [car 98].  The G.M.C. hauler was redone inside and out and painted red. Like when Big B had it, it was always kept clean as possible and in good shape. There is a front view of it in Favorites From The 80's on page 2a [oops] at the bottom right on that picture.

I wonder what ever became of it and I wonder if its still around.
07.07.12 Jack Burroughs

I think them haulers were called, "Texas slant backs", began seeing lots of them at drag races in early '60's.