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Photo ID # b08.29.05_027_PLO_FLM_0080_1H
Car #: #27
Driver (s) : Stan Ploski
Location: Flemington
Date: Late 70's or very early 80's....
Photographer: Ned Stites III
Photo provided by: Ned Stites III
Comments: I can only imagine what all of us would be willing to give to be able to take our seat at the old fairgrounds... with all the sites and sounds of the early evening all around us... Just another night at the speedway...  "Hey, there's Ploski coming in....   Hey, there's Skip Turyonas's cool #8T,... Yup, just another night at the track....
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10/23/05 ? Stan's getting there pretty late if the Sportsman cars are lined up...
12/30/05 Skeet That looks like Pauchy sittin there over on the left. Could be wrong though.