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Photo ID # c01.11.01_002_STU_UNK_0060H_1
Car #: #2
Driver (s) : Don Stumpf
Location: Unknown
Date: 1961
Photographer: Bob Farlee
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment From Russ:   This is a Bob Farlee photo of Don "Stumpy" Stumpf's hauler taken on May 28, 1961. The location I'm not sure. The hauler matched the white and red race car. One of the prettiest sights you could see was this unit going by on Rt.47 heading to Vineland speedway. Now picture it with a trailer and a beautiful matching coupe on board!! Memories!! Thanks, Russ Dodge
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01/11/06 Ned Thank you Russ for this one! I remember seeing the line of race cars on the entrance road at Vineland waiting for the pits to open. It was always exiting to see Don Stumpf's magnificent hauler in that group. My dad and I talked to Stumpy in the pits a few times right next to the truck. Whether it was hauling the #2 or the Joe Racz #41, I was always happy to know Don Stumpf was in the show!
04/19/06 Terry Kelleher Oh yes I remember this truck well. I recall that this was at one time a horse carrier that was cut down to haul Don's race car. Woody Johnson had one much like Don's to haul his #68 and was also a cut down horse carrier. Not many guys had dedicated trucks back then. Most used a trailer and Pick-Up truck. Although Don House had a beautiful Ford C-600 series he used to haul the XL-1. Stumpf had a car lot back then on a traffic circle on Rt. 46 in Ridgefield, New Jersey.