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Photo ID # c01.19.06_072_GRI_UNK_0070H_1
Car #: #72
Driver (s) : Pee Wee Griffin
Location: not sure...
Date: 1970's
Photographer: S.Y.I. Racing Photos
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment from Russ:  Like him or hate him, you would always remember PeeWee Griffin if you went to East Windsor in the 60's. Many people, especially those who were in the pits, remember looking at the back of this hauler going out the pit gate with a couple crew members on the back giving the one-finger salute to everyone as PeeWee drove home without ever stopping in the pits. Needless to say being followed by a vocal crowd on foot. He made things exciting for sure. How about the time he spun Tas and then stood on the hood of his car and declared "he was the greatest"?

PeeWee with the little narrowed coupe pictured on the hauler, could "fly" around Windsor!! 

If you can add any PeeWee stories or add to mine if my memories off, please do so.

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01/21/06 Wayne Urffer I remember my dad speaking ill of Pee Wee Griffin when I was a lad. It seems to me that he was the forerunner of all the modern athletes who congratulate themselves too much (or, as my wife says, "they kiss their own a****") whenever they do their jobs. Nevertheless, it's hard not to love a little red coupe with a huge number on the door!
01/22/06 Tim Weber It's little red, you can tell by the squared off trunk. It originally had a small block, here pictured with a big block probably in his last EWS championship year of 1972. Notice my Uncle Charles' business name on the hood, later to appear on Norcia's 81s.
03/18/06 Steve Elias I remember the day very well when Pee Wee stood on Al's hood after he spun him, I was running third and they both went to the back of the pack and I started first with three laps to go with Herb Vail's #7 sportsman. I gave the pack a brake check coming off the fourth turn and went on to win the feature.