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Photo ID # d04.18.07_024_BRE_FLM_0070H_1
Car #: #24
Driver (s) : Ken Brenn Jr.
Location: Flemington
Date: Late 70's
Photographer: Matt Mahoney
Photo provided by: Matt Mahoney
Comments: Ken Brenn's cars were always top shelf, and in the days before the enclosed trailers of today, the ramp truck was the way to go.  How many  of us remember sitting in the stands and hearing Bill Singer saying, "Open the back gate" and all eyes would focus to see who was about to cross over into the pits for another night at the square...
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04/28/07 Kevin Inglin You know what's interesting about this picture. As much as the car is inclined on the ramp, the roof is level to the ground. It makes you realize
how much rake was in the roof. No wonder the car had such a cool posture.

Such a simple design but bar far one of the best looking modifieds ever.