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Photo ID # d08.20.07_076_CHA_REA_0070H_1
Car #: #76
Driver (s) : Gerald Chamberlain (Joe Bullock owned #76's)
Location: Reading, PA
Date: 1970's
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt
Comments: I just had a thought after looking at this picture...  Could you imagine being at your local speedway this weekend...  with all the look alike cars inside there enclosed trailers... when all of a sudden in pulls this set up with the Falcon on the ramp truck and the Pinto in tow, knowing that Gerald would be at the controls.... 

...just to be able to see that once again.
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10/23/07 Steve Fegley omg! i missed that one! i never knew they had 2 cars, i always thought that they took the pinto body off in 74 an put falcon body on. looking at front suspention on the pinto though it doesnt look like that typical frear,chamberlain setup? that is really awsome pic though ,i never saw these 2 cars at the racetrack at the same time.
11/23/07 Rich Reinhart I think if I saw that pulling into a track my thoughts would be "we`re running for second tonight"....
01.12.09 John Mick This shot reminds me of the time we were on are way up to Flemington going North on Rt 31 Rio Brothers rig was in front of us making pretty good time.  Now we all know Gus Fear made big FORD power and that also applied to the hauler as Gus in his rig towing two race cars passed them like they were standing still!  gotta love it.

John Mick
Matawan NJ