Photo ID # f01.24.09___$_UNK_FLM_0080H_1
Car #: #$
Driver (s) : not sure... maybe Bill Dubovich at this point?
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1989?
Photographer: Matt Rosier
Photo provided by: Matt Rosier
Comments: Great photo that will remind us all of our afternoons standing beyond the backstretch at Flemington... getting an up close look at some the cars and drivers as they waited for Bill Singer to announce "open the back gate"...  and then off they went, across the track, and their racing night would begin. 

When I was old enough to drive myself to Flemington, I'd always park on the backstretch and would enjoy walking up to this area to check out the cars, before heading over to the front stretch.  Just on the other side of the $ is the third turn stands that are blocked from view in this shot.

The green grass, the blue sky, and by the looks of the tree, maybe the wind is even blowing the right direction...  It's gonna be a great night.
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01.24.09 Matt Rosier This was May of 1990. Dirk Adransse was driving at this point.