Photo ID # f02.22.09__X9_FER_HAR_0070H_1
Car #: #X9
Driver (s) : Peppy Fernandez
Location: ...not sure
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Bob Yurko
Photo provided by: Bob Yurko
Comments: One of the more interesting and resourceful ways to get a racecar to the track.... My only question is, one you pulled it in, how did you get out of the car!  Peppy drove some unique bodied cars including this first generation 67 or 68 Camaro, and he also drove a fastback Mustang bodied car too.
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06.26.09 Steve Kresge Looks like Nazareth
11.15.16 John Bokros

Gussets !  Pepes son forde told me once when he built his racecars he would put gussets everyware. Checkout that rear bumper!

11.17.16 Jack Kromer

Definitely looks like Nazareth when the pits were on the outside. I see the trees in the forth turn and part of the stands there. If you look really closely you can see the Moravian Church steeple in the background on the right. That church is in the middle of the town, so this picture is from outside the sign-in area of the pits, looking north.