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Photo ID# I05.04.12_STA_UNK_QUA_2012JD_5
Car #: Not sure
Driver (s) : Not sure
Location: Found near Quakertown, PA
Date Raced: Late 60's or early 70's?
Photographer: Jack Stanley
Photo provided by: Jack Stanley
Comments: From Jack:  I stumbled across this racecar in Quakertown PA, by accident, after I was asked if I knew anybody interested in an old sprint car frame, and back in the woods, here's what I found, and couldn't see it getting cut up for scrap. It's either a dirt car, or possibly a dirt car converted to run pavement, and its stick welded, heavy and built to last years and years lol.   The rear rollcage is pretty unique, and that may help identify it.

Maybe somebody might recognize it in the John Doe Section?

Thanks again,
Jack Stanley
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05.07.12 Don Seidel Maybe a early Kneisel car?
05.07.12 John Mc Looks like maybe a Tobias kit car or a copy.....whatever it is, it sure is a lead sled...
05.07.12 Jack Stanley Kinda my guess too John, the tubing is professionally bent, but the thing is stick welded, and definitely done by a non welder, so I'm with u, a kit car that was welded at home. Looks Like after each crash, more tubing was just welded in front of it, kinda making it look unidentifiable, but thx, after ur suggestion, I'm gonna go with that.
05.07.12 AF-IV This frame looks to me to date well into the 70ís because I see no signs of rear leaf spring mounts. It looks like it could have been a coil over car which could put it early to mid 70ís.The steering is odd because it looks like it might have been on an ďAĒ frame front end. Although some cars did mount a stock Chevy box at the front cross member on straight axle cars. The entire roll cage and side door bars are almost text book Mulligan but nothing else. I know thatís no help but just a few observations.
05.07.12 Rick Shive I thought Tobias kit, too, (had one ), a lot of improvising. Jack, where about in Quakertown area, I lettered a car in the area mid 80s that looked similar, got pictures of it, if I can find it, I'll compare. That was an ancient Olsen, I was told.
05.07.12 Jack Stanley It was drug out of the woods On 309, just north of town, , at a sandblaster, and he had it, and had no idea what it was, he actually told me he thought it was a Sprint car, which it obviously wasn't, but when i cleared the brush and saw it, I had to have it. Pics would be great, if u can find em, thx! Jstanley7171@aol.com
05.07.12 Rick Shive Jack, on the left, heading north, just past the Target shopping center? If I find that picture, I'll post.
05.07.12 Jack Stanley Yep, right down the street
05.07.12 Ricky Rutt i was looking over the frame today.  it does look like a kit frame with aspects of different chassis builders.  given where it was found and all the 1/4" steel plate and angle iron on it.  it's possible it was a 70's Dorney Park car.
05.08.12 Rick Shive The car I was talking about that I lettered ran at Dorney Park.  Hmmmm...