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Photo ID# c08.23.06_JOH_DOE_UNK_0080J_1
Car #: Not sure
Driver (s) : Not sure
Location: Not sure
Date Raced: 80's?
Photographer: Tony P
Photo provided by: Tony P
Comments: From Tony P:  Wondering if you can help, or send me some emails of people who can. I picked up this vintage dirt mod from what I think is the late 70s to mid 80's at the latest. I think is was one of the show cars for Miller Motorsports at one time, but I think is was something else before that.  It's a 4 torsion car...and it's all there.

Tony Pietrofitta
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08/28/06 Ricky Rutt You won't believe this, but I drove this car a couple of times at Grandview in the late 80's. It was an 82 or 83 Olsen. I can't remember the name of the guy that owned it, But everyone called him "Pappa Smurf" because that's exactly what he looked like.

He eventually hooked up with Miller Beer. They agreed to sponsor the car that racing season if he would display it at the Motorsports show. Which he did. After the first season they paid him just to show the car at Motorsports. He did that for a number of years until the show's title sponsor changed to Penzoil. At that point Penzoil just continued the deal and he repainted the car as you see it. As far as I know the car never raced again.
08/28/06 Tony P Thanks for the information Ricky! I've had a few people over, and emailed the pics to some folks, and everyone pretty much agrees that it is an early 80's Olsen car. Now...who wants to bring it back to it's glory? (Or some other early 80's Olsen glory?)
09/01/06 Derek Hauck Wasn't the driver Rich Clevenger?   I have a photo of this racing at Grandview 1991 with a MIller genuine draft paint scheme.  If I remember right it never did anything on the track.
11/13/06 Dennis Pieper The car was run a few times at Grandview with Kenny Shade at the wheel.
12/18/06 Wayne Weaver Sorry I don't have any info on the history of the car. I can tell you the plans for the future of this car. The car was recently purchased from Tony by Paul Weaver. The year of the chassis and the fact that the car came with a Pinto body is perfect for the vintage project. Paul's first Modified ride in the early 80's was aboard the Muse Ale Pinto body Olsen Chassis #6A.

Paul and some members of the original crew are planning on re-creating the old #6A. The car should look great when all complete. I think Paul is planning on having the car out this summer to run with the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club.  I know Paul has obtained a Big Block for the car, and I think he might put tubes on it running on alcohol just like the original 6A? Should be fun?
02/22/07 Dave Walter I know the car was owned by "papa smurf" aka Howard Bilger out of Lansdale. The car sat outside in the weather until the car shows every year. Car was in Lansdale/West Point Pa area by Merck Pharmaceutical plants. Car was then purchased for $1500 by a guy Lenny (don't know last name) from Telford Pa about 2 yrs ago where it sat in his garage for a few months. It had the Miller and Pennzoil bodies with the car. Bone stock 350 in it.

If I remember right it appeared to have some of the frame structure removed around the halo area. Way back when I asked Old Papa Smurf what it was he said it was an 82 olsen that was run at Grandview by a lot of people. It was run as 19 and TJ when Ted Jones raced it. Car was raced a few times in the 1991 and 1992 season at Grandview with rookie drivers. That's about all I know . Hope this info helps any.