Photo ID # f11.08.09_099_BOD_UNK_0070L_1
Car #: #99
Driver (s) : Geoff Bodine
Location: Unknown
Date: 1971 or 72
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Jay
Comments: Great looking car...  Everything about it is perfect.  Rake of the body...  Color combination with the front half white and the rear of the car darker, with a transition color in between... (same strategy used on Davey Allison's #28 Thunderbird)...  Silver wheels, huge engine... and Geoff positioned about as far back as you could be and still be inside the car!  

One really cool package... And best of all, Geoff won a lot of races in this car.

Wondering whatever happened to the #99 after Geoff was done with it???
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11.23.09 Allen That picture was taken at Fulton Raceway....
12.16.09 George Laird What was the basic body style of his car. It looks like a ford back. Does anyone know.  Thanks
12.16.09 3Wide It's an early 60's Plymouth Valiant - Kinda like this one found at :
02.14.10 Dave Ordos There is a guy in Fl. with the remains of an old modified that has the better part of a Valiant body on it. Wonder if it could be the one?
02.15.10 3-Wide Well... I know there was Dutch Hoag's #7... Geoff's #99... Paul Fitzcharles #007,  The Schloeder #K46 driven by Al Tasnady, Mike Grbac and Bobby Pickell.... I'm sure there were others but compared to Gremlins, Pintos and Vega's, Valiant's were pretty rare.
05.15.10 Bob Ripley Jr My name is Bob Ripley Jr. I'm the nephew of TK McLean, the owner of the # 99 Valiant from the 1970 to 1973 seasons. Geoff drove for my Uncle before buying his part of the car out. As Geoff raced on his own in 1974. At that time, Geoff and the guys at Chandler Racing Chassis changed the top of the cage to 1 3/4 bars to meet the Martinsville rules. Then added the Vega body.

The car was raced at many different tracks with the Vega body in tacked. Later, Geoff went on to drive for the Armstrong team Red #1 Pinto. At that time Geoff gave the car to his long time friend and pit crew member Mike Casterline of Elmira. With the instructions: "That when you are done racing the car, to cut it up!" Geoff did not want to be beaten by his old car at any track as he was out running the circuit.

So, The famous # 99 Valiant Modified was cut up by Mikie Casterline himself.

If anybody is interested:  I'm (with the help from about 1000 people) building a exact replica of the car. It has been a love of mine to attend races at the local tracks since I went to watch my Uncle and Geoff in the early 70"s.

I'm into older cars, and thought it would be pretty cool to take a Vintage Modified to the shows. Instead of a restored bright red 1957 Chevy 2 door hardtop. Don't ya think!!!!!

I started this project about 3 years ago. Collecting parts as I find them. I bought a Valiant body from a guy in Penn Yann, NY. (GT Performance). Great guy! I bought a scout frame from a guy in Pine City, NY. Another great guy! I bought one of George Kent's old Big Blocks. Another great guy!!. So, Here are a shot of the progress so far.

There has been sightings of what people think might of been the famous # 99 Valiant driven by Geoff Bodine.  But I know for a fact, it has been cut up and gone to race car heaven.

My Uncle had the only remaining part from the car. It was the wing that they used on the super speedways (bigger tracks). The last time I was at my Uncle's house, he went down to the cellar and brought the wing up, and said "Here, this belongs on your car, nobody will ever see it hanging in my cellar".

So, I have the original wing from the trunk lid hanging in my office till I get the car done. I'm shooting for the end of the summer of 2010. If all goes well. (Money?)

Thanks for your time! "Rip" (Bob Ripley Jr
03.12.20 Gene S

Nice story & history, how is your project coming along ?

03.15.20 3Wide Fast forward from Rip's earlier comment and I can tell you that that car was completed in 2011, and on display at Wall's Turkey Derby. Here's a few photos that I took on that back in Nov 2011 at Wall:

It's a beauty!