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Photographer Mel Stettler/Photo provided to The Vault by Mel Stettler.

Photo ID # P07.12.19_047_GRB_FLM_0070_1_MEL
Car #: #47
Driver (s) : Mike Grbac
Location: Flemington
Date: 1970s
Photographer: Mel Stettler
Photo provided by: Mel Stettler

Comment for above photo:  Mike Grbac next to the Emmett Alfrey #47...  this time with a Mustang body on it.

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John Larsen

As I came home from Bridgeport tonight I see this picture I am almost crying. That is my father in this picture with Mike. Not sure what they are looking at but they both seem concerned about something. As a youngster I was blessed to spend plenty of time with Emmett Alfrey and the gang at Emmett's Sinclair as well as traveling to races and learning from Mike. Tonight I went to Bridgeport with Chris Grbac who is Mike's son. He shook down his big block ride. I have put some effort into helping Chris with this car the past few weeks and can not begin to explain the parallels between this picture from 1975 and the past few weeks here in 2019. 44 years. Amazing.

There are so many people that have helped Chris make his way into the big blocks this year. Jim Weber is a very big reason that Chris is able to have this opportunity as is Mark Bitner for providing the horsepower to propel this car. A lot has changed since 1975 in racing and in the world but thankfully there are still good people in both that provide racers that opportunity to compete in this sport that so many of us love.