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Photographer Mel Stettler/Photo provided to The Vault by Mel Stettler.

Photo ID # P07.12.19_SSS_KES_FLM_0070_1_MEL
Car #: #SSS
Driver (s) : Al Kessler
Location: Flemington
Date: 1970s
Photographer: Mel Stettler
Photo provided by: Mel Stettler

Comment for above photo:  Nice looking Triple S three window coupe of Al Kessler.  Interesting engine cover... and exhaust looks kind of creative too!

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07.14.19 John Mc Not sure if this was the car but I remember an article or 2 about Kessler building a car for $1000. Donated parts, used parts, etc...pretty thrifty.  Also, Kessler was a talented sign painter/lettered that doesn't get a lot of mention. Pretty sure he was the letterer of the Alfrey 47's among others, TBONE can confirm. Went by "Slippery".
07.15.19 Woodsplitter John Mc you are correct. Slippery lettered the 47 from 1974 through 1976 when it became the 7Jr. Slippery also lettered the 7Jr. from 1974 through 1979 which was TBONE'S last season racing. He also lettered several other cars such as Sug Byerley's 31, The Walko 27 and I believe also the Larry's Auto Body number 58.