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Photographer Mel Stettler/Photo provided to The Vault by Mel Stettler.

Photo ID # P08.02.19_023_CAN_FLM_0070_1MEL
Car #: #23
Driver (s) : Billy Cannon
Location: Flemington
Date: Late 1970s?
Photographer: Mel Stettler
Photo provided by: Mel Stettler

Comment for above photo:  Here's one of Billy Cannon in one of the first cars that I remember running a big, wide body...  Notice the doors were still the size of others cars of the day, but it wouldn't stay that way for long....  Hey chassis guys... does that look like a Grant King or possibly a Harraka cage/chassis (and even the front bumper?)

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08.11.19 Russ C

Has a CJW, Frank Mangone sticker on LR quarter panel.

08.11.19 John Mc

That's a Frank Mangone built Central Jersey Welding car, notice the logo on the quarter panel.

08.11.19 3Wide Thanks Russ and John - Didn't notice the sticker..  Am I right in saying that the cage and bumper look "King influenced?"  I'm guessing the above photo is probably from around 1976 or 77, which was right about when the King cars were making waves.
08.11.19 Mark Flamisch

1981- This is the year everyone started experimenting with “wider” bodies in response to the “Batmobile” at Syracuse in the Fall of 1980.

08.11.19 Russ C.

Olsen did their rear roll bar like that for a while before they went to the double rear roll bar in approx 1984.  Frank Mangone was a master welder and fabricator.

08.12.19 Jerry W.

So is this the car I ended up with?  First a maroon #88, and then the Bob Banghart # b6?