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Photographer Mel Stettler/Photo provided to The Vault by Mel Stettler.

Photo ID # P09.29.19_044_AND_MID_0070_1MEL
Car #: #44
Driver (s) : Dick Anderson
Location: Middletown NY OCFS
Date: 1970s
Photographer: Mel Stettler
Photo provided by: Mel Stettler

Comment for above photo:  I've seen pictures of Budd Olsen and of Bob Pickell driving the modified#44 CB Engineering #44 coupe, but didn't know that Dick Anderson also drove it.  Take a good look at this one..  One of the nicest little modified coupes ever, at a time when a lot of folks were updating to Gremlins and Pintos.

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11.11.19 Hank Winecker Dick Cozze was looking for a permanent driver Just after the time Gary Balough had come north and started winning. I think through Gary he contacted Dick Anderson and helped to bring Anderson north.  I guess it just didn't work out like Balough did, All this was during the early 70's when I was helping out nights at the C B Engineering shop.  I remember them putting a front sway bar on this coupe just to suit Mr Anderson.    P S .This Modified coupe was never driven by Frank Cozze,  his rookie car had a much smaller stance.