Photo ID # L03.21.15_043_HOR_FLM_0072OWN_1
Car #: #43
Driver (s) : Jim Horton
Location: Flemington Speedway
Date: 1972
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Glenn Rygiel
Comments: Comment:  Jim Horton is exactly what drew us to this sport.  An amazing mechanic... a person who can take pieces and parts and build a race winning stock car... and a person that is always thinking of what else can be done to be even better because next Saturday is only a week away.  That's what I always admired about this sport, and for that reason, I have the highest respect for Jim Horton.

Stories of having a motor so torn down that the crank and pistons were on the workbench at noon, with the engine block sitting on the floor... but still putting it all back together to make the call for the first heat later that night...  Or the time Jim was at Reading and son Jimmy was running a different car and had a problem in warm ups or maybe even the heat (cracked head?) and Jim mentioned that he had a set of big block heads in the trunk in the parking lot that would work... so out to the parking lot they went... and then went on to change the head in the pits in time to make the consi.  (I think Jimmy might have finished 2nd or maybe even won that night.)

Many folks have driven Jim's cars over the years and some of the names that come to mind are Dudey Baubie, Sammy Beavers, Mike Grbac, Bob Pickell Jimmy Horton, George Makuch (sp?), Jimmy Horton IV, and many others.  Now, with 5 plus decades as a car owner, Jim's plans for 2015 include fielding a modified for son Jimmy to run on special occasions.

Jim Horton is what short track racing is all about.
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08.07.16 Jack Kromer

This black Horton coupe was crashed by Grbac and junked. This same car became Jimmy Horton’s first sportsman race car that he ran at Nazareth, but only after his dad told him that if Jimmy fixed it…he could race it. Jimmy did just that and I think this car got parked again later after Jimmy crashed it a few times too many.