Photo ID # G06.21.10__00_HAI_LAN_0064S_1
Car #: #00 & #60
Driver (s) : Neil Haight
Location: Langhorne Speedway and Moe Harden's garage
Date: 1964
Photographer: King Skelly Photo and John Grimm
Photo provided by: Larry Jendras Jr.
Comments: Senior Moment From Larry Jendras Jr.:

Auto racing often fits the old Wide World of Sports slogan "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". In October of 1964 Neil Haight and car owner Moe Harden surely had that feeling.

Neil and Moe were both regulars of the Central Pa. circuit of Williams Grove, Lincoln and Susquehanna Speedways. Neil of Sykesville, Md. normally drove the #88 Ford powered "bug" of Bud Grimm while Moe of Pikesville, Md. drove his own #00 Mopar powered coupe still referred to as a "heavy". Not being able to use the #88 bug at Langhorne, he teamed with Moe and the #00.

Moes's coupe was altered more than most of the coupes at Reading or Nazareth. He cut the trunk area and angled in down behind the rear window to give the 37 Chevy coupe a short look. It had no fenders except 2 remnants of the front fenders cut and mounted behind the front wheels. They were also drilled to lighten and let the air through. I was knocked out the first time I saw this car at Williams Grove and Moe won his heat that day to show how competitive this car was against the bugs.

In what would be the last Race of Champions on dirt, over 200 cars showed up. Just qualifying for the 60 starting positions would be a task. Neil had a nice lap of 37.347 seconds which gave him 24th starting position. As the race progressed, Neil was in the thick of a 4 car battle for the lead. Ken Shoemaker, Neil, Freddie Adam and Bill Wimble fought hard for the win until lap 91 when a suspension part ended Neil's bid for his biggest win and sent the #60 flying into the woods.

Neil was taken to the Hospital with cuts on his face. As you see from the photos at Moe's garage, the car was a lot worse off.

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06.25.10 Edward Smith My father and I attended the 1964 Langhorne event... I remember the accident and the fact that the race was held up for some period of time after the accident to allow the sun to go down so it did not impact the
drivers vision. I also remember one of the greatest battles between Bill Wimble, Kenny Shoemaker and Freddy Adam after the race was restarted. Being a Reading/Hatfield regular I was thrilled when Freddy Adam won the event... I had the pleasure of talking to both Bill Wimble and Freddy Adam at this years auto race care show in Oakes... Thanks again for your wonderful site....